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Aberdeen Artists Society
Online Art Exhibition Summer 2021

Aberdeen Artists Society is delighted to announce a selected exhibition of artworks from across Scotland and the UK. We are now calling for submissions to this exhibition which presents a very exciting opportunity for artists.

Entry Deadline: 30 April 2021 Midnight

Final Hang Completed
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Key Dates

Open For Entry: 1 April 2021.
Entry Deadline: 30 April 2021, Midnight.

Selection Notification (Login to your OESS Entry page): 28 May 2021
Notification by email 1-2 June 2021

Exhibition Opens: 11 June 2021

Exhibition Closes:  29 August 2021


Entry Pricing

Standard Prices.
Maximum Artwork Entries: 3
First or Single Entry Price: £12.50
Additional Entries: £12.50 per artwork up to 3 artworks.

AAS Members
Maximum Artwork Entries: 3
First or Single Entry Price: £7.50
Additional Entries: £7.50 per artwork up to 3 artworks.

Exhibition Entry Information

The exhibition will feature new or current works, produced during or after 2019.

Submission of artworks will take place online.



Artists are invited to submit up to 3 current (2D) two-dimensional artworks, completed during or after 2019. Work may include: paintings, drawings, screenprints, photographs, mixed media and textiles. Giclee prints will not be considered.

·  Dimensions: as the works will be exhibited online - dimension limits do not apply for submission but works should be photographed following AAS/OESS guidelines on the next page and edited accurately to exclude frames.

·  Artworks should not have been previously exhibited publicly in Aberdeen City or Shire - or in an Online Exhibition.

·  All works must be for sale.


·  Artists are invited to submit up to 3 current (3D) three-dimensional works (photo only).

·  Artworks should not have been previously exhibited publicly in Aberdeen City or Shire - or in an Online Exhibition.

·  All works must be for sale.


·  Video works should be no more than 7minutes in duration. Submission will be via OESS, but not as an upload directly - artists will need to provide their own weblink to Vimeo or similar provider.

·  Video works should not have been previously exhibited publicly in Aberdeen City or Shire - or in an Online Exhibition.

Photographic images are uploaded to OESS for consideration by Aberdeen Artists Society Selection and Hanging Committees. Selected works will be hung in the online gallery rooms.

All entrants will complete a Media release statement allowing release of general publicity ie statements/pictures of works etc or NOT ie “I allow”....or otherwise. This will allow Aberdeen Artists Society to use images of artworks for eg catalogues, local and national press publicity, media and videos. Entrants will also be asked to provide a UK address.

·  All submissions are subject to entry fees as follows:

£7.50 per artwork for AAS member, and £12.50 per artwork for non-members

Entry fees are payable online through the OESS and are not refundable.

Image Uploads
Image files should be JPG or PNG and no more than 5MB in size. Upload time will depend on your internet connection speed,so please be patient. If you are having problems uploading your images please use image editing software to resize your image to approximately 1600 pixels wide and then save as a new file. Image file names should not be too long and should not contain any invalid characters such as ' " & % * ( ) < > / \ ~ # + =

Please see the Photo Guide at - https://aberdeenartistssociety.co.uk/guide-to-photographing-artwork-for-online-submission/ on how to prepare photographs of artwork to meet the necessary image size and quality standards.
Work selected for exhibition will be expected to be for sale. Commission is charged by Aberdeen Artists Society as follows:

20% for AAS members

30% for non-members

·  Artists submitting work must accept the Exhibition agreement on OESS.


For help with online entry difficulties, please contact OESS (details on the OESS entry form) otherwise please contact Aberdeen Artists Society’s Exhibition Organiser by emailing a description of the problem you are experiencing together with your contact details to




Details of the buying and selling procedures can be found in the Standing Rules section

on the AAS website - www.aberdeenartistssociety.co.uk

. It will be assumed that the sale price includes the cost of any frame and our commission. Please allow for these aspects when pricing your work. Prices should include VAT if applicable. If you are VAT registered please provide a VAT number in the box provided.

All communication will be by email. Successful entrants will be notified by email .

AAS Selection and Hanging Committees will select and hang / arrange the works for the exhibition. We will consider all correctly completed submissions. Our decisions on all matters relating to selection and hanging are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

By submitting to the exhibition you are deemed to accept and agree to the following:

You, the artist, understand and accept that the decisions of Aberdeen Artists Society's Selection and Hanging Committees on all matters are final, and that no correspondence or discussion will be entered into under any circumstances.

You, the artist, understand and accept that Aberdeen Artist Society's Council and Exhibition Organisers reservs the right to make such changes to the exhibition arrangements and these Terms & Conditions as they may consider circumstances dictate.

You, the artist, understand and agree to the following condition of entry relating to GDPR:
I authorise Aberdeen Artists Society to process, store, and utilise the data in my submission and agree that, if selected for exhibition, images of my work can be freely used by Aberdeen Artists Society  for promotional and publicity purposes.

All information provided by me is true and accurate and that the work submitted is wholly of my own creation.

I have read and understood these terms and conditions and by submitting this application I accept and agree to observe all the Terms And Conditions therein.

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